Why is the workshop necessary?

Effective and urgent action is needed to solve critical environmental problems such as climate change or ocean pollution in a sustainable way, while reducing structural inequalities such as gender discrimination.

The Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) framework provides sustainable solutions taking into account the particularities of each economy, but requires the development of science, technology and innovation focused on processes with minimal environmental impact.

For this reason, a solid science-policy interface is vital to implement the BCG framework, contributing to the design, creation and enforcement of sustainable public policies. Often times, the scientific community lacks the training and skills necessary to engage effectively with decision makers. Generally, scientific information is presented to public policy makers in complex language, focusing on specific research topics.

This workshop seeks to contribute to strengthening the ICP by developing effective practices and capacities to contribute to the cycle of public policies related to the BCG framework.


  • Virtual training for women science students, policy makers and researchers with a special interest in BCG policies in Latin America.

  • Plenary lectures and practical activities for acquiring the skills necessary to inform policies based on a BCG framework adequately and to communicate with policy makers successfully.

  • Space limited to 50 participants.

  • Duration 5 days with 2 hours of training for each day.

  • Participation of scientists, decision makers and specialists in the science-policy interface with field experience.

  • Promotion of multidisciplinary work.


Tuesday October 12

Networking dynamics with an emphasis on soft skills
Alma C. Hernández

Fish Bowl
Introduction to the Science-Policy Interface

Alma C. Hernández

Víctor Bustamante, Aline Villarreal y Vicente Morales

Wednesday October 13

Hands-on training
Alba Inés Sanchéz

Round table
Research, innovation and entrepreneurship policies in Latin America for a sustainable world
Adriana Espino del Castillo, Natalia Rodríguez

Thursday October 14

BCG framework
César Agusto Rojas

Friday October 15

Public policy analysis
Víctor Bustamente

How to transmit scientific evidence to decision makers?
Mónica Jiménez y Mary García Cazarín

Monday October 18

Keynote conference
Ornella Garelli

Final feedback

Aline Villareal y Alma Hernández

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